Iranian Date Today

Iranian Date Today

The Iranian date today is:

The Iranian calendar, or the Persian calendar, is one of the annual solar calendars, that is, which depends on determining its days and date on the cycle of the sun.

Where the Iranian calendar consists of three hundred and sixty-five days in one year, and three hundred and sixty-six days in a leap year, and the Persian year contains twelve months in one year, where the first six months include thirty-one days, and the other five months contain thirty days in a row, as for the last month, it is either nine Twenty days or thirty days in a leap year.

The Persian year begins at the spring equinox and which is on the twenty-first day of March of each year.

The Iranian calendar is also called the Jalali calendar, after Jalal al-Din Malik, one of the kings of Khorasan, and the scientist who was developed by Omar Khayyam, the “Muslim poet”, with the help of several astronomers numbering up to seven scholars.

The Iranian calendar is one of the most accurate calendars set so far on earth, and the error rate in the Iranian calendar reaches 3.8 million years, as it is so far used only by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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