Iranian To English Calendar Converter

Iranian To English Calendar Converter

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How to use Iranian to English calendar converter

Using Iranian to English calendar converter is very easy.

All you need is to follow these two steps:

Firstly, enter the Iranian date calendar (enter the date, choose the month, and enter the year.

Secondly, click on the convert button, and you have done!

The result will be the English date (gregorian date).

Also, you can convert back the English calendar to the Iranian calendar using our professional english to iranian calendar converter.

What is the Iranian calendar?

The Iranian calendar is an astronomical solar calendar that is used as the official calendar in Iran and Afghanistan.

The Iranian calendar was developed with the participation of Omar Khayyam and has since been refined several times.

It keeps a chronology from the Hijra (the migration of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622) but is based on the solar (tropical) year, unlike the classical Islamic calendar, so its months always fall on the same seasons.

The beginning of the year is the day of the vernal equinox.

Leap years are defined differently than in the English calendar (Gregorian calendar): a leap year is a year whose numerical value is divided by 33, and the remainder is 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 22, 26, or 30; thus, in each 33-year period there are 8 leap years, and the average length of the year is 365.24242 days, which gives an error of 1 day in 4500 years.

The Iranian calendar is more accurate in this respect than the Gregorian calendar.

Iranian To English Calendar Converter

Iranian to English date conversion table

This is a chart for the most common results of conversion from the Iranian to the English calendar. you can get more results using our online converter.

Iranian Calendar English Calendar
06/Bahman/1275 25/January/1897
22/Ordibehesht/1292 12/May/1913
17/Shahrivar/1325 08/September/1946
29/Aban/1340 20/November/1961
20/Bahman/1362 09/February/1984
11/Azar/1378 02/December/1999
27/Tir/1389 18/July/2010
18/Dey/1401 08/January/2023