English To Iranian Calendar Converter

English To Iranian Calendar Converter

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To convert English to Iranian calendar using our online English date to Iranian date converter, follow these simple two steps:

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Furthermore, you can convert back the iranian to english calendar using our online iranian to english converter.

What is the Iranian calendar?

The Iranian calendar is a solar calendar whose origin coincides with the beginning of the Hijri calendar.

Iranian calendar origins can be traced back to the 11th century when a group of astronomers (including the famous poet Omar Khayyam) created what is known as the Jalali calendar.

Since then, however, several changes have been made to the calendar.

The modern calendar has been used in Iran since 1925 and in Afghanistan since 1957, but from 1999 to 2002 the Muslim calendar was used in Afghanistan.

As in the Hijri calendar, the years are counted from Mohammed’s migration to Medina in 622 CE.

Note that, in contrast to the Hijri calendar, the Iranian calendar counts solar years. Therefore, in 2003, the Iranian year 1382 and the Hijri year 1424 began.

When does the Iranian year start?

The Persian year begins on the vernal equinox. If the astronomical vernal equinox occurs before noon (the true time of Tehran) of a certain day, then this day will be the first day of the year.

If the astronomical vernal equinox occurs in the afternoon, the first day of the year will be the next day.

English To Iranian Calendar Converter

English to Iranian calendar conversion chart

This is a table for the results of the conversion from the English date to the Iranian date. you can get more results using our English to Iranian converter.

English Calendar Iranian Calendar
17/February/1876 28/Bahman/1254
23/September/1930 01/Mehr/1309
06/April/1944 17/Farvardin/1323
28/November/1979 07/Azar/1358
18/January/1987 28/Dey/1365
05/October/2002 13/Mehr/1381
21/August/2012 31/Mordad/1391
06/February/2023 17/Bahman/1401