Nepali To English Date Converter

Nepali To English Date Converter

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How to use Nepali to English date converter

Converting Nepali date to English date using this converter is very easy and simple.

To convert English to Nepali date using our online converter follow these two steps:

Firstly, enter the Nepali date which you want to convert to an English date.

Secondly, click on the convert button, That’s it!

Additionally, you can convert back the English date to the Nepali date using our online english to nepali date converter.

What is the Nepali date?

In traditional India and Nepal, the ancient calendar Nepali calendar is widely used.

This calendar was founded by the legendary Indian emperor Vikramaditya after his victory in 56 BC.

Today, the Nepali calendar is a very popular calendar in India and is still the official calendar in Nepal.

Nepali To English Date Converter

Nepali to English date conversion chart

This is a table for some results of conversion from Nepali date to English date. you can get more results using our Nepali to English date converter.

Nepali Calendar English Calendar
2009\Bhadau\12 27/August/1952
2018\Chaitra\05 18/March/1962
2025\Jestha\28 10/June/1968
2039\Magh\12 26/January/1983
2041\Baishakh\11 23/April/1984
2055\kartik\02 19/October/1998
2068\Poush\19 3/January/2012
2079\Falgun\26 10/March/2023