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English To Nepali Date Converter

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How to use the English to Nepali date converter

To convert English to Nepali date using our easy-to-use converter, simply follow these steps:

Firstly, enter the English date which you want to convert to a Nepali date.

Secondly, click on the convert button, that’s all!

Also, you can convert the Nepali date back to the English date using our online nepali to english date converter.

What is the Nepali calendar?

The Nepali calendar is the traditional official solar calendar used in Nepal.

The Nepali calendar is based on the ancient Bikram Sambat calendar, which was founded by the legendary Indian emperor Vikramaditya in 56 BC.

The number of days in a Nepalese month varies from month to month.

A month can have 29 to 32 days.

In different years, the same month may have a different number of days. The Nepalese calendar has 12 months.

English To Nepali Date Converter

English date to Nepali date conversion table

This is a chart for the results of the conversion from English to Nepali calendar. you can get more results using our online English to Nepali converter.

English Calendar Nepali Calendar
11/January/1944 2000/Poush/27
06/August/1951 2008/Shrawan/22
10/December/1969 2026/Mangsir/25
28/April/1983 2040/Baishakh/15
09/October/1997 2054/Ashwin/23
17/February/2004 2060/Falgun/5
20/July/2016 2073/Shrawan/5
02/September/2023 2080/Bhadau/16