Hijri Date Today

Hijri Date Today

The hijri date today is:

Hijri calendar today is a free tool provided by the Datesconverter website that allows you to know the Hijri calendar for today.

The site also provides you with many free tools similar to this page, there is a Hijri to gregorian converter that enables you to convert the Hijri date to the gregorian date, as well as gregorian to Hijri converter tool that helps you convert the gregorian date to the Hijri date.

The Hijri calendar is a lunar calendar that relies on the lunar cycle to determine the months and is used by Muslims everywhere, especially in determining religious occasions.

It was established by Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab and made the migration of the Prophet from Mecca to Medina as a reference for the first year in it, which is why it is called the Hijri calendar.

Although the Hijri calendar was established in the Muslim era, the names of the months have been used since the days of ignorance.

Some Arab countries take the Hijri calendar as an official calendar to document official correspondence between official state departments.

The Hijri calendar consists of 12 lunar months, meaning that the year is equal to approximately 354 days, specifically 354.367056 days.

The month in the Hijri calendar is either 29 or 30 days.