Hijri To Gregorian Converter

Hijri To Gregorian Converter

This is an online converter that you can use to convert hijri to gregorian easily. Convert hijri to gregorian calendar quickly and for free!



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How to use hijri to gregorian date converter

Using hijri to gregorian converter is very easy, and it takes only one second to make the conversion.

Firstly, enter the hijri date.

Secondly, click on the convert button, that’s it!

In addition to this, you can convert the gregorian calendar back to the hijri calendar using our gregorian to hijri converter.

What is the Hijri calendar?

The Hijri calendar is known as the lunar calendar because it depends on the rotation of the moon around the earth.

The Hijri calendar takes from the sighting of the crescent, and the visibility after the sun sets is the beginning of the Hijri month on the day after the vision.

The beginning of the day in the Hijri calendar is at sunset and ends with the sunset that follows.

Furthermore, the Hijri calendar was introduced during the reign of Umar ibn al-Khattab, where Umar Ibn al-Khattab is considered the first to establish the twelve-month Hijri calendar based on the lunar cycle.

The Hijri calendar is of great importance in the life of a Muslim, as Muslims depend on the Hijri calendar to determine their holidays.

Also, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most famous countries that rely on the Hijri calendar as an official calendar in the country, unlike the Arab countries that use the Gregorian calendar as their official calendar.

Hijri To Gregorian Converter

Hijri to gregorian calendar conversion chart

This is a table for the results of the conversion from hijri to gregorian.

Hijri Calendar Gregorian Calendar
Shawwal 25, 1205 June 26, 1791
Rabi Al-Akhir 11, 1312 October 11, 1894
Muharram 07, 1380 July 01, 1960
Dhu Al-Hijja 19, 1396 December 10, 1976
Safar 02, 1409 September 13, 1988
Shaaban 22, 1420 November 30, 1999
Dhu Al-Qadah 18, 1432 October 16, 2011
Ramadan 27, 1443 April 28, 2022