When Is Easter This Year

When Is Easter This Year

This is a free online tool that can help you to determine when is easter this year and other years. You can determine the easter date for a specific year accurately.

Easter Year:

How to determine when easter is

You can determine when easter is by using this tool online quickly and accurately.

All you need is to follow these steps:

Firstly, choose the year which you want to determine the easter date for it.

Secondly, click on the “get easter date” button, that’s all!

What is easter

Easter is the oldest and most important Christian holiday, the feast of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is an event that is the center of all biblical history.

History has not brought to us the exact date of the Resurrection of the Lord, we only know that it was in the spring, when the Jews celebrated Passover.

However, Christians could not but celebrate such a great event, so in 325 at the first Ecumenical Council in Nicaea, the issue of the date of Easter was resolved.

According to the decree of the council, it was to be celebrated on the first Sunday after the vernal equinox and the full moon, after the expiration of the full week from the time of the Old Testament Jewish Passover.

Thus, Christian Easter is a “mobile” holiday – within the time period from March 22 to April 25 (from April 4 to May 8 according to the new style).

At the same time, the date of the celebration among Catholics and Orthodox, as a rule, does not coincide. In their definition, there are discrepancies that arose in the XVI century after the introduction of the Gregorian calendar.

However, the descent of the Holy Fire on the day of Orthodox Easter suggests that the Council of Nicaea made the right decision.

For many centuries, Catholic Easter was determined in accordance with the Paschalia created in Alexandria.

Easter was based on the nineteen-year cycle of the Sun, and the day of the vernal equinox in it was also unchanged – March 21.

And this state of affairs existed until the 16th century when the priest Christopher Clavius ​​proposed another calendar for determining Easter.

Pope Gregory XIII approved it, and in 1582 the Catholics switched to a new – Gregorian – calendar.

The Eastern Church abandoned the innovation – Orthodox Christians have everything as before, in accordance with the Julian calendar.

In 2024, Catholics will celebrate Easter on March 31st. Almost always, Catholic Easter is celebrated first, and after that – Orthodox.

When Is Easter This Year

List of dates for easter

This is a table for some examples of easter dates for different years.

Year Easter date
1975 March 30, 1975
1978 March 26, 1978
1983 April 03, 1983
1988 April 03, 1988
1990 April 15, 1990
1994 April 03, 1994
2010 April 04, 2010
2012 April 08, 2012
2016 March 27, 2016
2017 April 16, 2017
2018 April 01, 2018
2019 April 21, 2019
2020 April 12, 2020
2021 April 04, 2021
2022 April 17, 2022
2023 April 09, 2023